“Morning Word: You hear all the time about how having a cold heart can be a bad thing. That somehow a person being insensitive with the advances being made towards them doesn’t make them a people person. But have you ever stopped to ask that person why they feel the way they do? Maybe they are still dealing with someone robbing the innocence their heart once had. Maybe someone who portrayed themselves as a people person, Abused their good heart and had them feeling less than nothing. Or maybe just maybe, They are waiting on someone who gives them the feeling of the warmth of the sun on their face so it can melt away the ice around their heart. Maybe they have learned not to crack the blinds to their soul, Until they have finally met someone who’s sunlight they couldn’t deny. Maybe they are not cold hearted, Maybe you are just not warm enough to invoke the emotions you want reciprocated.”–Wood, Instagram-   @WOODTHEINSPIRATION

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